ba graphic communication

Marianne Winward

I am a confident and reliable designer, who strongly enjoys working in a team and individually on new projects, especially those of which benefit LGBTQ+ communities. My vision for the future consists of working for a highly regarded graphic design company or organisation that focus on taking on branding projects and marketing schemes. It would be my ideal to work for a company like this alongside having my own freelance work that I am able to do for myself on the side-lines, building my portfolio further and better the skills I am most confident in to put me in the top bracket of designers in my field. Alongside this, I like areas of my design work to support and aid design for change in any aspect, but especially within the LGBTQ+ community.

Check out some of my work 

[Editorial design] Independent Magazine  Lgbtea
[Music Packaging design] Tribes of New York
[Editorial DesignWord ImageStonewall riots

university of reading – department of typography & graphic communication degree show 2020